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When home or business owners need a boiler installed or repaired, they know they can trust Impact HVAC for quality results. Our trusted experts specialize in servicing, repairing, and replacing steam and water boilers. Is your boiler leaking, not responding to the thermostat, or struggling with low water pressure?  Whatever type of difficulty you are experiencing, our skilled team members are ready to quickly diagnose the issue and provide the right solution. 

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Signs that Boiler Repair Is Needed

A boiler is a crucial part of any home or building’s heating and hot water supply. When it stops working, it can cause significant issues. From decreased comfort to increased utility bills, the problems resulting from a malfunctioning boiler are not something people want to put up with for long. Being aware of the signs of boiler failure is a great way to nip issues in the bud and avoid costly consequences. 

There are several signs that a boiler needs repair, including: 

  • Clunking, banging, whirring, or other unusual noises 
  • Foul odors coming from the system 
  • Higher heating bills than usual 
  • The building remains cold even when the heat is turned up 
  • Leaks coming from the boiler system 
  • A lack of hot water 

The Difference Between Hot Water & Steam Boilers

It might seem that these types of boilers are virtually identical. Both can be powered by hot water, oil, gas, or electricity. However, each system uses its own, unique method of giving out heat. A steam boiler needs to bring the water temperature level to boiling, which allows it to make steam. This steam is then channeled to individual radiators in the house, directed through a complex set of pipes. Hot water boilers use a similar system, but they do not heat the water long enough for it to become steam. Instead, the hot water itself is channeled through the set of pipes and then recycled as it cools down.

Dedicated Maintenance Tune-Ups

A boiler is going to need to be serviced from time to time, just like any type of machine. During a comprehensive check-in, our experts will carefully examine and test all the internal parts. It is important to never delay on scheduling these annual or bi-annual checkups. Proactive steps of cleaning the internal parts and tightening loose pieces can extend the lifespan of a boiler by several years.

Residents can expect our experienced technicians to check every component, including:

  • Circulator
  • Water temperature regulator
  • Water pressure regulator
  • Expansion tank
  • Check valve

If any of the accessory parts are wearing down and need to be repaired or replaced, our talented team at Impact HVAC can help.

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