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Deciding on a new air conditioner after your old one has broken down? Is the current one having a few issues here and there? Our techs at Impact HVAC are ready to step in with our Pittsburgh air conditioning services. 

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The Signs that an AC Needs Troubleshooting

Figuring out when an air conditioner is going to break down is a major task for anyone who owns a home. Losing AC is not only uncomfortable but can even be hazardous for those who are more vulnerable, such as the elderly or very young. By being alert to the clues that an air conditioner is failing, it is possible to call for repairs before the system completely cuts out. 

A few of the most common signs that an air conditioner needs help include:

  • Bad odors when the system is turned on
  • Increased signs of dust all around the home
  • Loud clanking, banging, or grinding noises when the system is running
  • Constant cycling off and on

What to Consider for an Air Conditioner Installation

It is important to have a powerful air conditioner that can handle even the most scorching temperatures. However, just buying the biggest unit is not necessarily the best idea. In fact, an air conditioner that is too large will cycle on and off, causing it to waste more energy and thus increase expenses at an exponential rate. Instead, homeowners should take into account how big their house is, as well as whether they will want a ducted or ductless unit. Our experts can consult with clients to determine which system would also be best for their individual budgets.

When to Seek Out Maintenance 

Air conditioners are generally large, complicated systems that require maintenance tune-ups, just like any other mechanism. Even those that are smaller, such as mini-splits, need a checkup here and there. 

How often should an AC receive professional care? The answer greatly depends on the type of environment. Although air conditioners generally should receive a tune-up once a year, a very dry climate demands more attention. Even the smallest grains of dust can hinder the system’s operation. Keep your AC safe and clean by calling our team at Impact HVAC for a detailed checkup. 

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